Whether you are new to hiring an escort or an experienced client there are a few things that I must insist on. Following my simple requests will ensure that our date is relaxed, comfortable and the very best experience that you can hope for.

1. I will need to get the information on my booking form from you. This allows me to verify your identity and feel safe. Your personal information will absolutely never, ever be shared with anyone else. Like you, the vast majority of my time is taken up with professional, personal, and family obligations. Privacy is every bit as important to me as it is to you. I guarantee absolute discretion at all times.

2.Please understand that as a small woman I must take measures to ensure my safety before you are an established customer and friend. Specifically, there is a gentleman that I employ who is notified when we meet and notified when the date is safely completed. If he does not hear from me in a reasonable amount of time, he will notify the proper authorities.

3. For my safety and comfort, please understand that I will not accept a beverage from you that is from an already opened container. While I enjoy a cocktail I will need to order it myself or see that the bottle is opened in front of me.

4. Like all professional escorts, our contract is for companionship only and in no way is there a contract for any sexual acts or contact. Please do not embarrass me or yourself by talking to me, texting or emailing me about sexual acts....this will result in the cancellation or abrupt end to our encounter.

5. Finally, and very importantly, please do not confuse me or any professional escort with a prostitute. I am a companion and, most importantly, a lady. I will not under any circumstances put up with rude, vulgar or demeaning language; rough or violent treatment of any kind. As with any lady, if I say "no" that means "no" period!

6. If we make a date, you can be assured that I will show up clean, sweet smelling and impeccably groomed.....I have been accused of being a "grooming fanatic." To me this is common courtesy, manners and respect. Please afford me the same courtesy and respect.