About Me

I am not a girl.....I am a grown woman, educated, intelligent and successful. I hold a Master of Fine Arts degree from a well-respected university. I have worked in the professional arena and excelled. I am well-travelled, extremely articulate, up to date on current events and comfortable in virtually any situation. I have not found a person that I could not enjoy a stimulating conversation with regardless of their interests or background. I am well-read and have a great appreciation for the arts; music, dance, the symphony or stage. However, I am also a huge fan of sports and am equally happy and at home at the football field, basketball court, ballpark or ice arena. I love music of any type and greatly enjoy any live performance.

I thoroughly appreciate fine dining but also love a hot slice of pizza and a cold beer. Simply put, I am at home with, and can fit seamlessly into, any situation or event.
I am an extremely erotic, sensual and passionate person and have found my joy in pursuing this line of work. Simply put, I love, love, love men of all types. I greatly enjoy meeting men, getting to know them and making them feel comfortable, happy and fulfilled. Nothing makes me happier than to meet a gentleman of quality and treat him like a king.

I am an elite escort and, as such, accept only a few dates every month. I am available
anywhere in the Columbus, Dayton or Cincinnati area.  When I am in Columbus, I will only see you at my upscale location. In Cincinnati or Dayton, I will chose the location. I will not visit residences or hotels. Should I chose to meet you, I will show up looking classy, sophisticated and a little sexy. If you have preferences in appearance I will strive to accommodate your wishes. My hair can be up, or down, loose, curly, or straight and I have a wide variety of outfits and costumes that you may request. This is your fantasy date and I deeply desire to make it feel like your dream come true........